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QHSE policy & objectives

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and have put into words an HSE policy that defines how we avoid accidents, maintain job satisfaction and ensure a safe and motivating work environment.

QHSE policy 

Bladt Industries are at any time:

  • Fulfilling all local, national and international legislations, where applicable.
  • Maintaining an Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality management system.
  • Committing to continuous improvements.
  • Focused on implementing the necessary barriers to avoid incidents, prevent severe and deadly accidents and focus on reducing the numbers of personal injuries to zero.
  • Continuously involving, informing and educating employees within quality, health & safety and environment process.
  • Securing that employees at all levels participates in resolving Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality issues, observes and reports accidents, near miss, incidents and contributes with suggestion to improve performance.
  • Closely engaging with customers and suppliers to reduce carbon emissions and build more sustainable supply chains.
  • Ensure that this policy is known and followed by all in the organization, and that initiatives are carried out in a sustainable way taking the financial framework into account.

QHSE objectives

Quality objectives:

  • by means of continuous education and training of the employees ensure that they all have the necessary qualifications to be able to produce and deliver a quality product
  • valueing quality highly will contribute to ensure achievement of our objective to be competitive with a sound economy
  • working closely with our customers and external providers

Health and safety-objectives:

  • to experience zero severe and fatal accidents
  • continuously working on improving health and safety working conditions.
  • to reduce the numbers of accidents to zero.

Environmental objectives:

  • minimise emissions
  • reduce the electrical power consumption
  • reduce resource consumption and waste in our operations incl. waste in an end of life scenario.
  • focus on the lifecycle perspective in our products and in our waste handling operation
  • increase recycling of raw materials and production waste.
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