Bladt Industries About us

The Bladt story

We support a green future with a clear company vision. We know our dedication, passion and experience will only continue to grow. 

Bladt Industries is undergoing a transformation

What we knew in 2002 and what we know today is like night and day. Nevertheless, we have always been able to learn from our experiences in order to develop Bladt Industries, proving to our clients that we are a safe and ambitious partner. 

Established in 1965 and with a history of delivering high quality steel structures for a range of projects including infrastructure and the oil and gas industry, Bladt Industries now focuses exclusively on production of foundations, transition pieces and substations for offshore wind projects.

The decision to transform the company to focus solely on offshore wind was made based on a desire to support a green future with a clear company vision to be the market leader within offshore foundations and substations.

The decision has already paid off as Bladt Industries has now secured a significant order backlog which will keep the facility in Aalborg running at full capacity until mid-2025 and the facility at Lindø until mid-2024.

Through the current investments in overall growth and efficiency improvements and in the expansion of production capacity at Lindø, Bladt Industries expects to be able to even further increase the order backlog over the coming years as well as to secure flawless execution of the current project pipeline.