Harbour & Marine

A Powerful Supplier of Shore-to-Ship Installations

Bladt Industries is a strong provider of shore-to-ship installations for ferries, and ro-ro terminals. We contribute to infrastructural improvements onboard vessels, and in ports around the world always providing our customers with functional solutions, and professional consultancy services.
Our marine expertise covers all types of gangways, and ramps for passengers, vehicles, and railway carriages as well as inboard ramps, ports, and hoistable car decks for ferries or other vessels.
We have, to a great extent, developed our own harbour and marine concepts, and are capable of guaranteeing our customers well proven solutions that work flawlessly, and go the distance.
However, we always customise our solutions in compliance with customer requirements and always with safety and functionality as our first priorities.
When we manufacture e.g. large passenger gangways, both design and architecture are important aspects of the process, and we work determinedly, and in close cooperation with our customers to ensure an architectural match with the existing harbour environment.