Development of new, innovative solutions for offshore wind is an important investment to our business, and to the industry. Therefore, we have been part of several pioneering foundation projects over the years and still contribute actively, because we want to make a difference.

The CeJacket Project

The last project we have involved ourselves in is the CeJacekt project where the purpose is to develop more efficient methods to manufacture jackets. The idea is to manufacture jackets in modules as opposed to whole structures as well as optimising the methods for subsequent processing of the welded joints. This optimisation should result in a reduction of the costs of jackets foundations of 6-8 %.

CeJacket is a common project between Siemens Wind Power, Force Technology, Dong Energy, Bladt Industries, Institute for Mechanics & Production at Aalborg University, and Lindoe Component & Structure.

Our Expertise in the Project

Bladt Industries contributes to the project with practical experience in serial production of jackets. Besides input for standardisation of the joining, and construction of structures, Bladt Industries will deliver specimens for different fatigue tests as well as arranging the physical surface treatments of node welds.