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Join our more than 800 employees who all work to support a green future. Some colleagues have been with us for a long time, and provide a wealth of experience, while new colleagues provide fresh eyes and new ideas. We aim for a mix of both and to provide everyone with equal opportunities to continue to learn, develop and extend their competences further. Meet some of your potential new colleagues here.

“It's great to be part of a start-up phase and shape your position and your tasks. The three years ‘away’ have been educational for me. To see how a company can also be – and learn more about safety and the green transition. For example, what can I do in my everyday life to ensure that the company here is a greener company? It starts with yourself, I think.”

Hanne Bolander

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We strive to be an attractive, inspiring and stimulating place of work and we make an effort to recruit – and retain - the very best person for every job. As an employee you will become part of a professional team working in a busy and challenging environment.