Meet Claus Olsen

Claus Olsen enjoys his everyday life on his bike from his home to the site at Odense Harbour. Learn what Claus has to say about his job as a union representative.

It is positive when people return to a workplace. Claus Olsen is one of several colleagues who have worked at Bladt Industries before.

Claus enjoys everyday life on his bike from his home in Munkebo to the site at Odense Port. He previously worked as an instrument pipelayer at a company in Norway. Two weeks at a time, and away from the family. The children are grown up by now, but Claus is still happy with his everyday life at the harbor:

"I was part of the previous project where we made jackets, and I had no doubt that I wanted to go back to Bladt. We have a good team and collaboration. It just works."

“It is challenging, not least with the many different nationalities on site. But we are part of one big team – and together we create a good workday.”

Claus Olsen

Claus explains, he had no doubt that he wanted to go back to Bladt. Upon his return to Bladt, production preparation was again a big part of his workday.

He made the 'job packages' as we call them. Passed them on, and ensured the documentation that needs to be available for the colleagues in the production.

"Each item in the production has a unique number, so you can track it. I was responsible for that documentation. Since there are tracking options on all materials, the customer can, for example, check that it is the correct drawings that are included. And, at all times, point and say, I want to know what the name of this one is?"

Besides Documentation & Order Handling, Claus Olsen also worked as Working Environment Representative, until taking up the role as union representative for the production colleagues on site. 

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