Meet Fleur Thomsen

With a smile on her face and a solution-oriented approach, Fleur Thomsen makes sure that there is a salary in the account every month. What you might not spot at first glance is that Fleur is passionate about the globe we live on and knows a lot about the environment that surrounds us.

"When I was little, I wanted to save the world. It is not until here in my adult life that I am defining which part of the world to save. The opportunity presented itself at the University of Copenhagen. The environmental chemistry studies were amazing. Unfortunately, I was among the first batch of environmental chemists, and the business world did not know what we could be used for. I couldn't go there and wait for someone to see the need," Fleur states as she explains how she swapped her academic skills for a more practical education in bookkeeping.

“I like the challenge of my position. To be employed in a place that contributes to the green transition, and that we are so many different roles that all pull in the same direction. I'm a small piece in getting us there. I find this a little fascinating.”

Fleur Thomsen

Before joining Bladt Industries, Fleur has been a financial consultant at Beierholm, among other jobs, and she has a business education within innovation. Perhaps this helps Fleur act on a possible improvement when she sees one. 

It is the challenge of the job and the collaboration with her colleagues that ignites the spark in Fleur's eyes.

“I will always do what I can to take things in the right direction. I'd like to draw attention to workflows I think can be optimized. It improves the working environment, saves money and resources. With an adaptable culture, it's fun to feel you can have an impact on your field of work. I think it would be healthy if we could swap jobs every now and then – it would help to make workflows, patterns, and "usuals" visible.”

Fleur Thomsen

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