Meet Jimmi Bang Petersen

Jimmi previously knew us as the ones with the 'yellow legs'. He is, however, used to the green thinking, and he never gets tired of sorting during his working day. Learn how Jimmi finds it working at Bladt.

Jimmi is no stranger to life at the port. He has previously built ships, driven a crane at the shipyard, and worked in the paint shop. Most recently, Jimmi has built generators at Siemens Gamesa.

The plates Jimmi is currently handling are to be used in the production of foundations for two German offshore wind farms, Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3. Here, the heavy plates are to be rolled (bent) into round components in the upcoming XXL monopiles - the 'legs' of the offshore wind turbines.

“I think about the green transition, and I really like sorting. I do as much as I can for the environment and sort my waste at home down to the smallest detail. Everything I can sort, I split up. Even my cigarette packs were sorted - when I smoked that is.”

Jimmi Bang Petersen

“I like to be the one who keeps track of the plates. I make sure, everything runs smoothly. My primary task is receiving and sorting plates, and registering them. So we ensure that we get the right plates.”

Jimmi Bang Petersen

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