Meet Kim Neve

There must be salt water running in Kim's veins. He has worked offshore for many years, both for Bladt but also on a drilling rig for EOS in Esbjerg, today Semco Maritime, with whom Bladt has a close collaboration on substations. For the past several years, however, Kim has worked on land.

Kim Neve is Group Lead at Bladt's site in Aalborg. Kim was originally trained as a smith, and has spent a total of 32 years at Bladt, where he was apprenticed in 1989. For Kim, the contact with people is the part of the work that makes the biggest difference on a personal level.

“It's not an assembly line - every day something new happens, and you have to be on your toes.”

Kim Neve

Kim's daily life can look very different, depending on whether there is a big project. When, for example, a topside is made for a substation (the part of a substation where the power is collected from the wind turbines before it is sent ashore, ed.), it is the daily contact with customers, colleagues and sub-suppliers that takes up most of the time. On such projects, it is Kim's task as Site Manager that the actual production of the topside takes place on time.

Kim's working day involves project execution of some of Bladt's biggest projects, namely the production of substations. One of the latest projects Kim has worked on is Vineyard Wind, the first commercial scale wind farm in the US. 

“Everything that needs to go into a topside, that's what Bladt has to coordinate. For example, we help Semco lift their things in - all the lifting work. Semco ensures that it works. I am happy to go to work. Being busy doesn't stress me out. I only have two arms and two legs, and I'm good at saying "I'm off" when I'm not at work.”

Kim Neve

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