Meet Lise Beer Østergaard

Lise started as a student worker at Bladt Industries, and is working as a Business Controller. Here, Lise describes her path to a permanent job.

The two colleagues Lise Beer Østergaard and Mads Eilertsen are both students who have gone from a student job to a permanent position at Bladt. They work in Controlling and Finance Business Partnering.

“I was applying for a student job like crazy. You almost made an application when you saw the notice out at the University. I found Bladt, and was lucky enough to get the job in January 2020. I worked as a student worker for a year and a half while I studied the last three semesters of my Master's degree.”

Lise Beer Østergaard

The role as Business Controller is two-fold: Lise reports both to the management and is a companion to the Senior Project Managers, or the SPMs, whom she assists. For example, by having an overview of the economy and making forecasts and analyses that can help the SPMs to make decisions.

“As I started, the role of student worker formed around me, and I started with small reports, which over time became more and with greater responsibility. Bladt is good at handing over responsibility to a student worker.”

Lise Beer Østergaard

Lise handed over the reins of her student job to Mads when she had a fixed contract offered in 2022, while Mads was still studying. Both of them have chosen the path, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and a Master in Management Accounting and Control can show you.

“Even with a student job and a family at home, Bladt is really flexible. I was expecting a baby, when I was offered a permanent position, and am now the mother of two small children.”

Lise Beer Østergaard

About working within the green transition, she explains:

“It is fantastic to contribute to a business which secures the foundation for green energy. And then it's exciting to show up to work and be busy because we are a resource in demand around the world.”

Lise Beer Østergaard

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