Meet Lucas Poulsen

Lucas Poulsen is one of our apprentices. He is well underway in the workshop, or the apprentice school, as we call it. He works at our plant in Aalborg, Denmark.

“In small companies it may well be much the same thing you do, but out here there are a lot of new things, and I get to grind, weld, measure up and drill holes. ”

Lucas Poulsen

Lucas' plan originally was to become a mechanic. He went straight to vocational college where he was introduced to i.e. industrial engineering, blacksmithing and mechanics.

He took an interest in blacksmithing, however, and the profession and the apprenticeship still live up to Lucas' expectations: 

“I hadn't heard of Bladt before, but my teacher at Tech College spoke highly of Bladt. We're put to use here, and we get to meet many different people. I could definitely imagine staying here.”

Lucas Poulsen

The apprentices are measuring, grinding, cutting up and processing.
We have a total of 14 apprentices at the factory in Aalborg 👷👷‍♀️👨‍🏭🏭.

Here are some of the impressions of the other apprentices: 

“It has been very positive, and we are actually allowed to do something, even though we are completely new. We are allowed to help with even the really big things.”

Frederik Jespersen

“Blacksmithing attracted me more than mechanics. You can build something instead of fixing things”

Nichlas Billington

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