Meet Nichlas Hviid

Nichlas and the other Contract Managers sit in on weekly progress meetings with the customers on the projects, in order to have a finger on the pulse of what is happening in the project. And keep the dialogue open.

Nichlas has been employed at Bladt Industries since December 2019, and came from a position as procurement lawyer in the Danish Ministry of Defence's Property Agency, which builds and operates the defense's facilities.

"Law is a super broad education with a lot of opportunities, and it gives a broad societal understanding. It is the contract law that I have an interest in. It gives the opportunity to work more project-oriented," Nichlas explains about his choice of education.

"You don't get much more complex contracts in construction law than what we are dealing with. You are thrown into it as a young lawyer when you work with FIDIC contracts or similar contracts. It's a special area of ​​law that you don't get to see up close in many other places - it's on the top shelf."

This is how Nichlas describes the international template for how a contract should look - the international counterpart to AB in Danish law. It sets the framework for how an international contract should be, which is then modified by the customer to suit the specific project.

“We are involved from start to finish and are part of the project. You can thus help to influence things in a positive direction. The difference to a law firm is that you are an active player and involved in making things go well.”

Nichlas Hviid

“We are clearly a part of the project - that's part of what makes it fun to be part of Bladt. You're not just someone who gets pulled forward when things go wrong.”

Nichlas Hviid

Niclas is not completely green in terms of sustainability thinking. As a volunteer in the organization De Grønne Piloter (The Green Pilots, ed.), Nichlas has participated in various projects, among other things as part of the steering group from the initiative's infancy, alongside his law studies at Aarhus University. A background that Nichlas does not directly use in his daily life at Bladt, but which is still on his mind:

“I have been interested in becoming part of an organization that contributes to the green transition. To be part of the green transition, and at the same time have high professional challenges. This contributed to my applying for a job at Bladt. To be a 'key player' in relation to the world also standing in 50 years' time.”

Nichlas Hviid

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