An unusual challenge


The finished Zackenberg Bridge.

Along with a group of scientists, the stationed personel from Bladt Industries have now inaugurated the Zackenberg Bridge. The bridge is located by a science area in the north eastern part of Greenland.

It is always a challenge to build in the Arctic regions and the Zackenberg Bridge was no exception. Bladt Industries had been awarded the interesting task of shipping the bridge elements to the destination and assemble the bridge by hand.

“The first thing we did when we arrived was to be equipped with a loaded rifle, a radio and a signal pistol in case we met a polar bear. The surroundings were quite unusual – amongst other things we had to work during two snow blizzards. This made this task special”, says project manager Flemming Bach.

The bridge was designed to be able to fit into a small Twinotter plane – the only plane that is able to land by the Zackenberg River. This meant, that each package could not weigh more than 200 kilos and be larger than 1 *1,5 meters in size. The bridge, weighing a total of 16 tonnes, was rooted in the permafrost and packed with about 200 m3 rocks – all collected by hand.

The work never stopped. Not even because of snow.