Anholt substation at its final position


Bladt Industries A/S have within 15 months built the 1,800 tons large substation, to be installed at Anholt offshore wind farm.

Bladt Industries has just completed the work on the 15.5 meter high and about 880 m2 large transformer platform for Energinet.dk, which is the developer of the technical plant, bringing the power from the Anholt offshore wind farm into the grid. The massive construction is the largest to date of its kind, and Bladt Industries A / S has made it in record time.
- There is no doubt that it requires great experience and good project management to execute so complex a task in so short a time, says department Per Wulff at Bladt Industries.

- Meanwhile, our good cooperation with our customer Energinet.dk been of great importance for the positive developments that have been on the project and we hope we will in future have the opportunity to work together with Energinet.dk, finishes Per Wulff .

The substation left Aalborg on 5th April and the day after it arrived at its final position by Anholt.