Bladt Builds Bridge across Folehaven


Bladt Industries has just signed a contract with the Municipality of Copenhagen for the delivery of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge, which will cross the densely populated Folehaven in the outskirts of Valby.

It is going to be a 135-meter-long and 5.5-meter-wide bicycle and pedestrian bridge that will cross the traffic dense "Folehaven". The design is by Dissing + Weitling, proportioned by COWI, and Bladt Industries will build it for the customer Copenhagen Municipality.

Project start for Bladt Industries will take place in April, when the entire planning phase is initiated, but for the residents in the area there will be no changes until the beginning of May, where the construction and foundation work will take place.

The bridge sections, which will be a total of seven sections, will arrive at the construction site during the autumn, where the installation of the bridge sections will also take place. According to plans, the main section itself, which will cross Folehaven will take place late autumn, where there will be periodic weekend blockage.

"Over the years, we have delivered many exciting bridge projects, and we are very much looking forward to start this exciting project, which is just around the corner," says Søren Nielsen, department manager, Bladt Industries

Back in 2009, Bladt Industries delivered a similar bridge to the Municipality of Copenhagen - Åbuen, which crosses the busy Åboulevard - a very unique design also designed by the architects Dissing + Weitling. Since 2009, Bladt has been involved in many different projects, of which several were also with Dissing + Weitling behind the architectural performance.