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Bladt Industries joins forces with Taiwanese steel fabricators

Utilising its competences and experiences in the offshore wind industry, Bladt Industries enters the growing Taiwanese ..


The Taiwanese Government has laid down very ambitious goals for the implementation of large-scale offshore wind into the Taiwanese electricity generation market. The initial target is set to install in the range of up to 5.5GW by 2025 with indication of potential for even more. Based on this, there is a very large activity in the development of appropriate sites in the territorial waters of Taiwan.

Bladt Industries has a strategic objective to expand its markets beyond Europe and is currently very focused on finding the right entry especially into the Taiwanese offshore wind market.

“It is our goal to find a strong and reliable business partner based in Taiwan with a strong experience in manufacturing large-scale steel structures, with good manufacturing facilities combined with a harbour location and a strong intent to become a major player in manufacturing foundation components for the local offshore wind market.”

Lars Kristensen, Senior Vice President, Bladt Industries.

Simultaneously, Taiwanese Century Wind Power Co., Ltd (Subsidiary of Century Iron and Steel Industrial) and CSBC Corporation, Taiwan both have similar ambitions to join the local offshore wind market. A close cooperation among the three companies has therefore been established by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as the first step.

“This is a very strong constellation of professional and market leading companies within the industry. Bladt Industries with a market leading position within offshore wind foundations and substations in Europe cooperating with two market leading steel fabrication companies in Taiwan is a very strong constellation beyond compare. I am certain that Century Wind Power Co and CSBC Corporation have the exact qualities we have been searching for as business partners. Moreover, we are very pleased to be able to generate local jobs as a result of this collaboration.”

Lars Kristensen, Senior Vice President, Bladt Industries.

The parties intend to cooperate on fabricating jacket foundations and outfitting transitions pieces for the offshore wind market in Taiwan. With its ideal location in Taipei Harbour, Century Wind Power will establish state of the art fabrication facilities for the purpose. As a fabricator of more than 1,500 offshore foundations, Bladt Industries will bring its industry reputation, long track record, customer relations, and large knowhow and experience within the offshore wind market to the joint venture.

About Century Iron and Steel Industrial and Century Wind Power Co
Century Iron and Steel Industrial is a well-known and experienced steel fabricator specialised in offshore structures, infrastructure, buildings etc., and has stepped into the offshore industry since 2013 by fabricating the first offshore met mast in Taiwan. The subsidiary, Century Wind Power Co., Ltd (CWP) has been established dedicating to substructure fabrication. CWP has acquired land at the Taipei harbour for building up a dedicated offshore foundation manufacturing facility. This land and future facilities will be the main fabrication and assembly facility for joint offshore foundation manufacturing units.

About CSBC Corporation
CSBC Corporation, Taiwan (CSBC) is a very strong and experienced steel fabricator specialised in primarily building container vessels for the global markets. CSBC is internationally very well reputed, but at the same time CSBC is well connected into the local business and political communities. CSBC has two separate large scale ship yard locations in Taiwan. The largest facility is based in Kaohsiung City.

About Bladt Industries
Bladt Industries, based in Aalborg, Denmark, has been a global market leader in the offshore wind market since the first large scale offshore wind projects were built in Europe in the early 2000s. To date, Bladt Industries has manufactured or been involved in manufacturing monopile/transition piece (MP/TP) type foundations for more than 1,500 offshore wind turbines. In addition, Bladt Industries has manufactured, or are in the process of manufacturing, more than 100 offshore jacket foundations. Finally, Bladt Industries has to date received orders for a total of 20 large-scale offshore wind substations. All in all, Bladt Industries has a very strong track record in offshore wind and is highly experienced in executing these large projects for the large global customers in the offshore wind market. Additional information about Bladt Industries is available on