Bladt Industries take it to the next level


We all know that the wind farms are moving further and further out at sea and consequently, the demand for larger structures will continue to rise.

As the market demands grow and head towards larger foundations, so do Bladt. With larger facilities, workshops and cranes we are now producing XL foundations and jacket structures.
Our quay facilities in both Denmark and Germany are optimal for handling these large steel structures. Regardless of the specifications or demands of the client, we are up for the task – all the while never compromising on quality.

“The establishment of our new facilities at Lindoe underlines the fact that we are capable of keeping up with market demands”, says Peter Rindebæk, CEO at Bladt Industries.

Whether the clients’ specifications require large jacket structures or XL foundations, Bladt Industries is capable of fabricating complete foundations at one site. This fact promotes efficiency and quality, as the client is able to contract all activities with one supplier.