Bladt Industries will supply large stainless steel tank to Greenland


The Greenlandic utility Nukissiorfiit has signed contract with Bladt Industries for the delivery of a 4,900m3 stainless steel tank in Qaanaaq close to the Thule base in northwestern Greenland. The contract is an EPCI where Bladt Industries has full responsibility from design to delivery of the finished tank.

Building a tank in Greenland is a longer and somewhat more demanding process and requires a bit more than the ordinary in terms of planning. If a similar tank was to be built in Denmark, it would take about 6 months, but due to weather and infrastructural conditions, it is expected to take up to 28 months from contracting to the tank is completed.

All the material needed to make the 4,900m3 tank will be packed in 20-foot containers and it is essential to remember it all, as there are only two deliveries to the site per year.

The tank will be 23 meters in diameter and 12 meters high and will be used for drinking water.

On this spot the 4,900 m3 tank will be placed.