Bladt is saving energy


Bladt is saving energy

Bladt Industries is currently conducting a comprehensive energy optimisation project which will offer great savings and a better working environment in their production and administration facilities in Aalborg.

Targeted energy optimisation of the technical installations at Bladt Industries in Aalborg will ensure optimal savings for the company, both financially and environmentally. This is the result of a comprehensive energy optimisation project which the company is currently conducting at their large factory site in Aalborg. Bladt Industries COO Peter Rindebæk says this about the background to the project:

"As a supplier to the Danish wind turbine industry and major renewable energy companies, it is only natural that we ourselves work hard to save energy both in production and administration for the benefit of the environment."

Statutory EU energy audit

The starting point for this ongoing energy optimisation is a statutory EU energy audit which Bladt conducted in 2016 and which revealed a number of options for saving energy. Bladt seized these opportunities and began to carry out energy optimisation where it gave the greatest benefit and made the most sense.

Three focus areas

Initially, Bladt Industries selected three areas of activity that could considerably reduce energy consumption; optimisation of lighting and ventilation, and the monitoring of energy use. Based on these projects, the energy optimisation project is now being rolled out across the company.

"The smaller test projects we have carried out so far, switching from the traditional fittings to LED and new exchangers in the ventilation systems, have provided concrete annual savings of more than 200,000 kWh and payback times of less than two years. So there is great potential. Just with regard to lighting, we expect to save 50 to 70 % or up to 1.9 million Danish kroner per year. And payback times for the individual projects are generally between one and three years. Equally important is that switching to LED lighting and more efficient fans will contribute to a more pleasant working environment for our employees", concludes Peter Rindebæk.