Change of Ownership at OSB


During November 2014, Bladt Industries A/S and EEW SPC acquired the assets of the former Tag Energy Solutions fabrication yard in Teesside and established OSB (Offshore Structures (Britain) Ltd). OSB is currently assembling 56 transition pieces for the Ørsted owned Hornsea Project One under a contract from Bladt Industries A/S, which will continue unchanged. In total, Bladt Industries A/S has contracted 124 TPs on Hornsea Project One including project management, procurement of secondary steel, fabrication and assembly and is fabricating 68 TPs in Aalborg, Denmark, and has sub-contracted assembly of the remaining 56 TPs to OSB.

After three years of joint ownership, Bladt Industries A/S and EEW SPC have in joint and mutual understanding decided to change the ownership of OSB as part of an overall settlement of several outstanding commercial issues. With immediate effect, Bladt Industries A/S has transferred all its shares in OSB to EEW SPC. Consequently EEW SPC now is the 100% owner of OSB.

CEO of Bladt Industries A/S, Jan Kjaersgaard, states: “We are very happy to have contributed our expertise to having successfully established a UK based operation serving local projects. Going forward, OSB will benefit further from a 100% ownership structure, wherefore we have decided to sell our shares and focus on applying our vast industry and UK competences on serving the UK offshore wind market in alternative ways. We are very pleased with the overall agreement and its financial implications for Bladt Industries.”

Jan Kjaersgaard continues: “It is the strategic intent of Bladt Industries to continue to be the global market leader in offshore wind foundations including monopile structures, in particular transition pieces, as well as jacket structures. In the UK, and also broadly on a global scale, we will utilise our offshore wind experience to secure local content in a cost-efficient manner by way of local partnerships. Due to Bladt Industries’ unparalleled proven track record in offshore wind foundation structures, we see significant interest in partnerships from leading local companies in numerous countries with offshore wind ambitions around the world.”



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