Danish Kriegers Flak - Final load-out


A successful project has come to an end. Transition piece number 72 for Vattenfall’s Danish Kriegers Flak has just been loaded onto barge. Ready for sail-away.

In total 432 cans have been rolled, welded, painted and outfitted during the last 12 months. The weight of each transition piece is 158 tons in primary steel and has a height of 16.5 meters. In addition hereto, 48 tons of secondary steel, 1.8 tons paint, 3.4 tons of grout and 600 kg electrical cables is added to the weight of each transition pieces.

“It has been a pleasure to work closely together with the team from Vattenfall. This project has clearly been executed with a common goal for the benefit of the project,” says Torben K. Christensen, Senior Project Manager, Bladt Industries.

The Danish Kriegers Flak is going to be installed in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea and is set to have a capacity of about 604 MW.