First firm order in Taiwan


Bladt Industries and Century Wind Power (CWP) have jointly taken the first step in the Taiwanese offshore wind business, as the team has signed a contract with Ørsted for the construction of a jacket foundation transition piece mock-up.

“Bladt Industries has for a long time seen a great potential in Taiwan and still does. I am certain that the joint venture between CWP and Bladt Industries is going to be very fruitful for the offshore wind business in Taiwan” says Lars Kristensen, SVP, Bladt Industries

By combining the European offshore wind expertise with the Taiwanese steel expertise, Bladt and CWP will obtain a steep learning curve for the benefit of the upcoming offshore wind market in Taiwan.

A great team of experts from both Bladt and CWP is already fully engaged in the project, and the mock-up is planned to be delivered in the second half of 2018.