Foundations for Anholt finished on time


Foundations for Anholt just few a days before they are wholly ready


Late last night, the final foundation for the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm was finished, and there is no doubt that the crew at Bladt Industries was both happy and proud of this achievement. The crew had been working hard through the day to finish the final one of the 111 foundations which they have been working on for the past months. Now the last ones are finally ready to be shipped from Bladt Industries in Aalborg – right on schedule.

This, however, does not mean that the employees at Bladt can be idle as the production is still running at full speed in Aalborg. Fabricating the foundations for the West of Duddon Sands wind farm in the Irish Sea is one of the next projects on the agenda a long with a substation for the Northwind project off Belgium and a substation, a jacket and foundations for the Borkum Riffgrund I wind farm off Germany.

Foundations for Anholt just a few days before they are wholly ready