Load out of Vapour Recovery Unit


This week Bladt Industries have loaded the 260 tons Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) onto ship bound for Haugesund in Norway.

The project is a PC contract and despite the only 260 tons it has been an exciting project as this is the first VRU to be fabricated at our site in Aalborg, Denmark. The purpose for the VRU is to be installed on one of Equinor floating tanks in the Njord field 130 km northwest of Kristiansund in Norway and 30 km west of the Draugen field.  

A VRU consist of a scrubber, a compressor and a switch and its main purpose is to recover vapours formed inside completely sealed crude oil tanks. The switch will detect the pressure variations inside the tanks and turns on and off the compressor. The vapors are sucked through a scrubber, where the liquid trapped is returned to the liquid tanks and the vapor recovered is pumped into the gas lines. 

Bladt Industries client for this project is Cool Sorption and the end-client is Equinor.