Nordsee One Substation Successfully Installed


The Nordsee One project is now finalised, and this week installation of the substation has been finished.

Design for the project began in 2012, while fabrication was initiated in 2014. Fabrication has, according to schedule, been ongoing for nearly two years.

Sail away for installation in the Nordsee One offshore wind park in the North Sea, 40 kilometres north of the German island Juist, took place late Thursday evening last week.

Bladt Industries’ part of the project includes design, construction and installation (EPCI contract) of the 1,400 tons heavy jacket, four piles of more than 900 tons in total and a substation with a total weight of 2,100 tons.

The substation is of high quality which both Bladt Industries and client Nordsee One is satisfied with. Bladt Industries is very pleased with the process during the project, which has been according to plan and in good cooperation with Semco Maritime, who is sub supplier on electrical work for the substation.

Once completed, Nordsee One wind farm is planned to consist of 54 wind turbines with an overall installed capacity of 332 megawatts.