Odense path bridge: first section in place


This weekend offered a lot action in the name of bridge building at Odense Train Station. The first two bridge sections were hoisted to place Friday and Saturday night.

The tracks were closed between 11.30 pm and 05.22 am and with just a limited space of time to get the job done, it was alpha and omega that everything went according to plan – and it did. With Bladt Industries’ Senior Project Manager Alex Andersen leading the way and a lot of skilled Bladt people in place, the bridge sections of approximately 130 tonnes each and two stair turrets were hoisted in to place. The weight of the crane as well as its reach are crucial in order to install the bridge, and for this reason one of Denmark’s biggest cranes has been hired to hoist a total of six bridge sections ranging from 50-130 tonnes in to place.

The building of the bridge, which will connect Odense city and harbour, has been going on since March and is now entering a phase where the path bridge is really taking its shape. During the next few weekends, the remaining bridge sections will be hoisted in to place, and so there is plenty of opportunity for a nightly expedition to see the big crane at work.