Prestigious arts building to the Kistefos Museum in Norway


At the beginning of September, Bladt Industries handed over a prestigious arts building to the Kistefos Museum in Norway

Bladt Industries has just delivered one of the company's most advanced construction to date - a technically complex arts building, "The Twist", at the Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park, which, in addition to being an architectural gem, also connects the north and south sides of the Randselva river in Jevnaker outside Oslo. The arts building is an extension of the sculpture park and forms part of the Kistefos Museum, which is considered as one of the most important contributions to Norwegian and Scandinavian industrial history.”

The steel structure that  forms the frame of the building covers a 60 meter long free span over the Randselva River, which links its north and south sides. The entire technically impressive design weighs 380 tons. The art building was designed by the architects, BIG, and forms a rectangular closed shape twisted 90 degrees in its span across the river. The twist provides the arts hall with an abutment in the low forested area towards the south on side and a raised section over the north side, where the terrain is higher and more undulating. The building is 1,000 m2 in size and consists of three exhibition spaces: a panorama gallery with large windowpanes, which provide abundant natural light; the Twist Gallery in the building’s twist, and the Closed Gallery.

Even for an experienced contractor such as Bladt Industries, from start to finish, this has been one of the most complex construction projects it has ever undertaken, due to the extremely complex 90 degree twist in the structure. Therefore, it is with great pride that Bladt Industries can now deliver this unique building, which both the  national and international press has shown great interest in, based on its unique design.

- “In my 40-year career, I have never built such a complex structure. It has been challenging from start to finish. I am extremely proud of the result. I am convinced that this will be one of the largest tourist magnets in Norway,” said Benny Bedsted Jeppesen, Site Manager, Bladt Industries A / S

- “I have been in charge of many large and complex construction projects, but this project beats them all. It really is something very special - and the same goes for the result. Bladt Industries has extensive experience with technically advanced bridge and infrastructure projects, and with this project we can only conclude that all our experience came into play and we can proudly deliver this beautiful and unique construction - a fantastic project that we are proud of,” said Senior Project Manager, Søren Kruse Nielsen, Bladt Industries A / S.

“Throughout the project, there has been a fantastic collaboration between subcontractors and, not least, the developer’s construction team, which has made it possible to deliver such an advanced project in a relatively short period of time. Nothing was left to chance at any time and there has been a great focus from everyone, even down to every minor detail.”

- “As a developer, there was no doubt that we embarked on a very complex and demanding task, but with Bladt Industries as a contractor we have felt safe throughout. They have really managed to bring BIG's fantastic drawings to life,” said Egil Eide, CEO, Kistefos Museum.

- “It has been exciting to participate in a long and challenging optimisation process in the initial phase between the Kistefos Museum, BIG, and Bladt Industries, for the arts building to become a reality. It has been a pleasure to work with such professionalism at a very high level, not least because  today we can see the outcome of this professional collaboration,” said Kim Bringsjord, Senior Vice President of Bladt Industries.

Further information about the th Kistefos Museum and sculpture park can be found via these links: http://kistefos.museum.no/page/historikk/ and http://kistefos.museum.no/page/om-skulpturparken/.