Sofia's Bridge: The gangway has now arrived


In the castle park in Helsingborg Bladt Industries works at full throttle welding the two recently arrived bridge sections together. As early as in the 19th century Queen Sofia dreamt of a gangway over Sofiero’s northern gorge – 150 years later, the dream becomes a reality.

It is a double-curved bridge with a length of 56,8m and a width of 2,6m. The 40-tonne heavy steel bridge will embellish the magnificent castle park of Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Ahead follows a complicated single lift of the 56,8m long bridge which, with the help of Scandinavia’s largest mobile crane, will leave the beautiful castle park completely undamaged.

The project contributes to Bladt Industries’ targeted strategy on making their mark in the Nordic market for complicated steel structures.