Test of mock-up foundation for Borkum Riffgrund at Bladt Industries


As requested by Dong Energy, Bladt Industries set out to do an installation test this Thursday, September 26th on the fabricated mock-up foundation for the Borkum Riffgrund project.
Weighing approximately 290 tonnes, the transition piece was lifted on top of the 10,5 meter high and 67 tonnes heavy  monopile and everything went according to plan.
In order to have full overview of the situation, ten cameras were installed around the foundation to record the installation test.
Today Friday our team has been working on rightening the transition piece by the use of 6 internal jacks and 6 outer jacks. This work is expected to be completed today. 
The next step will be the fabrication and delivery of the 77 monopiles and 77 transition pieces for the Borkum Riffgrund project, on which the Bladt team is working in full speed.