Offshore Substations

Pioneers in Offshore Wind

Ever since the very first offshore wind farms were built, Bladt Industries has been a dynamic and innovative player in the market. We witnessed the wind turbines grow bigger and bigger in deeper and deeper waters, and we have been pioneers in the field of offshore wind solutions ever since.

In 2002, we were the first in the world ever to produce an offshore substation. Since then, we have produced multiple substations, and for each project we have added to our expertise and knowledge within the field.

Involved through the Entire Process

Today, we are the market leading manufacturer of offshore substations offering our customers a wide range of options – from production of the steel structure to complete turnkey solutions (From PC to EPCI contracts).

With a constant focus on functionality and efficient design, we manufacture high quality, customized solutions always delivered on time. Through dialogue and involvement, we guide our customers through the entire process – from inception to successful completion.

Below is a time-lapse video covering some of the production phases of the Sandbank Offshore Substation-Project: