Our people


Allow us to introduce to you some of the people working at Bladt industries, making a difference on a daily basis. Read what they have to say about their workplace, development opportunities and job satisfaction. Maybe you will want to be a part of our team!

Troels Vammen Aaquist, Apprentice smith:
“As an apprentice at Bladt Industries, there is a new challenge every day. The level of education is high and professional competencies as well as good craftsmanship are important values throughout the organisation. I am regarded as a fully-fledged member of the team, contributing and participating on an equal footing with my colleagues and this enables me to improve my skills and bring home new knowledge and experiences every single day.”

Rene Brix Olesen, Surface treatment worker:
“At Bladt Industries, we work with large and complex projects constantly focusing on time, precision and quality. With every new project there is a new challenge enabling you to continually develop your professional competencies. There is always an opportunity to build knowledge and improve your skills and it is up to you to seize the chance.”

Heidi Christensen, Engineer:
”Working as an engineer for Bladt Industries, trust is placed in you from day one and you are attributed a great responsibility. The projects’ complex nature throws many challenges at you, making sure that you continuously develop your professional skills, and even though we are busy there is always a colleague ready to spar with you and help you put things in perspective. This way, you really feel as part of a team.”