Burbo Bank Extension

Great Britain (258 MW)


All-round project management
The contract was for a total of 32 transition pieces for Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm. Bladt Industries was responsible for project management including procurement of all secondary steel, accessories, etc. used for the projects at both locations.

Fabrication of the first 16 transition pieces was finalised in January 2016, and the remaining 16 was finalised in June 2016.

Transition pieces
All 32 transition pieces have a height of 23 metres and a diameter of 6.5 metres. Each transition piece has 236 tons of primary steel, and weighs a total of 450 tons including the concrete platform.

The Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm consists of an area of 40 km2 located 6 km off the coast of
United Kingdom. The wind farm has a total of 32 wind turbines and a total capacity of 258 MW making enough energy to meet the needs of up to 230,000 households.




Scope :

16 transition pieces in Aalborg + 16 transition pieces at OSB (Offshore Structures Britain)





Total weight:

15,000 t
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