Gwynt y Môr

Great Britain (576 MW)


Within 15 months of fabrication – 2½ months ahead of schedule and with transportation as an additional assignment to the scope of supply, Bladt Industries shipped off the last of the 160 foundations towards the destination close to Liverpool in the summer of 2013.

“We were very pleased with the contract we signed and what the Bladt/ EEW SPC consortium could deliver. One of the things that has been really great for us when working with the consortium has been their approach to change. We’ve also accelerated the delivery sequence.”

Toby Edmonds, Project Director, Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm Limited

A succesful foundation
For Bladt Industries, this project was a great, challenging and comprehensive journey. Not only did our consortium supply RWE with the foundations, but for Bladt Industries the Gwynt y Môr project became more than just the fabrication of transition pieces, as we also handled the transportation of the 160 foundations to the UK.

“One of the biggest success stories of the contract is actually the delivery contract that the consortium helped to switch. It’s been a positive, constructive way in which both sides have approached the contract to get the job done and coped with some of the changes that came through the process. A great project is made of a successful foundation, and we are really pleased with it.”

Toby Edmonds, Project Director, Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm Limited

Innovative ideas
Transportation of foundations is normally not a part of our scope of supply. However, we decided to take on the task to go the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of our client.

“When we signed the contract in 2010, it didn’t include the transportation of the foundations in the project. We spent a period of time trying to work out how best to do that. The ideas that came from the consortium were novel ideas that hadn’t been done before. It has worked extremely well for us. The consortium has helped us with and enabled us to keep the project on programme, by being flexible about delivery and production.”

Toby Edmonds, Project Director, Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm Limited





160 transition pieces and equipping with secondary steel

Year :



5 m

Total weight:

40,000 t
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