Kaskasi Wind Farm

Germany (342 MW)


RWE (innogy SE) has chosen Bladt Industries for the delivery of 39 monopiles, 38 transition pieces and one transition piece special designed for the offshore substation for its 342MW Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm, which will be constructed off the German coast.

Bladt Industries have been heavily involved in providing guidance and input for the optimisation of the most feasible fabrication design throughout the final construction process to ensure the best outcome for innogy SE.

Bladt Industries will start the production of the project in the third quarter of 2020, with the final foundation scheduled to leave the Aalborg site in Denmark by third quarter of 2021.



RWE (innogy SE)






39 monopiles and 38 transition pieces + speciel transition piece for the OSS


342 MW

TP WTG - height:

10 m

TP WTG - Total weight:

2,768 t

TP WTG - Diameter:

6 m

MP - length:

55 m - 65 m

MP - total weight:

23,623 t

MP - diameter:

6,5 m
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