Veja Mate

Germany (402 MW)


In the first quarter of 2015, Bladt Industries A/S and EEW SPC, as a joint venture were awarded a PC contract for the supply of 67 monopile foundations for the Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm. The contract was awarded by Offshore Windforce VM V.O.F., and Bladt Industries was responsible for construction of the transition pieces along with the appertaining anode cages while EEW SPC fabricated the monopiles.

In autumn 2015, fabrication began and ran until the second half of 2016 meaning a production time of only 11 months. The first load-out took place by the end of second quarter 2016 according to schedule, and already in March 2016, the first transition piece out of 67 was completed at Bladt Industries’ facilities in Aalborg, Denmark.
By August 2016, all 67 foundations were finished and the last 6 foundations were loaded out successfully.

“We had a really fast start-up of this project, and early on we therefore made an acceleration agreement with the client enabling us to finish and deliver the project three weeks ahead of schedule.”

Klaus Munck Rasmussen, Senior Project Manager, Bladt Industries A/S

Upgraded facilities

The 67 transition pieces for this project were in the large end of the scale with a diameter of up to 6.8 metres, an average weight of 325 tonnes and a length of approximately 22 metres.

In order to meet the demand for this project and the general demand for larger structures in the industry, the facilities at Bladt Industries are continuously being upgraded to accommodate the increasing size of offshore foundations.

Veja Mate offshore wind farm will have a capacity of 402 MW and are situated nearly 129 km off the German coast in the North Sea. In 2018, when the wind farm was fully operational, it could supply approximately 400,000 households with green electricity.



Offshore Windforce VM V.O.F.


67 transition pieces




6/6,8 m

Total weight:

23,000 t
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