Changfang & Xidao

Taiwan (589 MW)


Bladt Industries and Century Wind Power partnered to build 62 jacket foundations for the Changfang and the Xidao wind farms off the Changhua Coast, Taiwan. The two projects have a combined capacity of 589 MW.

Taiwanese Century Wind Power and Bladt Industries signed a Joint Venture Agreement, as they wanted to take part in the upcoming Taiwanese offshore wind business on the fabrication of offshore foundations.

The Joint Venture “Century Bladt Foundation Co., Ltd” had provided the market with a mature European fabrication technology combined with a local and highly-experienced steel construction fabricator.

In summer 2023, the project reached a significant milestone with the successful load-out of the final jacket out of 62. Commercial operation is expected in 2024.

Once completed, the Changfang and the Xidao wind farms will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 650,000 Taiwanese households.





62 Jacket foundations

Year :



70 m

Total weight:

75,000 t
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