The new owner of Bladt Industries

CS Wind – the world’s No.1 wind tower manufacturer – is now the proud owner of Bladt Industries

Headquartered in South Korea, CS Wind has operating production facilities in eight countries on three continents. Over the past decades, CS Wind has provided more than 14,000 towers, on- and offshore, for major global projects and is now supplying wind towers to major customers in the industry.

In the field of wind tower manufacturing, CS Wind has a world-leading production system, quality control system and welding technology that have led CS Wind to become the world's no. 1 wind tower manufacturer.

Pioneering offshore innovations

Positioned at the forefront of offshore wind, our solutions are key to powering the green transition

Bladt Industries’ expertise, now augmented by CS Wind’s global presence, supply chain, and financial strengths delivers the innovation that sets the foundation for a sustainable future.

The combined strengths of both companies will pave the way for innovation, optimized production, and global reach.

Enhancing global leadership

Bladt Industries optimizes production as acquisition by CS Wind is finalized

CS Wind finalizes the acquisition of Bladt Industries, enhancing the green energy company’s global leadership in the transformation from fossil fuel towards wind energy.

This marks a leap where the combined strengths of both companies will pave the way for innovation, optimized production, and global reach as Bladt Industries is integrated into CS Wind’s global organization.

Job opportunities

Development and strengthening of key production sites Aalborg and Lindø

Following the finalization of the acquisition, one of the main priorities is to further develop and strengthen the key production sites in Denmark – Lindø and Aalborg – and hereby secure the production of future demands for the global wind-power industry.  

This will require the recruitment of further skilled labor as the company’s strategy is adjusted to the new global organization.

With international ownership, there will be more exciting job opportunities, both in Denmark and internationally.


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New top management team

The new top management team consists of Joseph Oh as CEO and Henrik Olesen as co-CEO

With a new top management stepping in, Bladt Industries reaffirms its commitment to excellence under the guidance of Joseph Oh and Henrik Olesen

The transformation is seen as a catalyst for the strategic direction towards globalization and operational optimization – combining the Danish production traditions with international knowledge and a global supply chain.

Joseph Oh, Henrik Olesen and the chairman of CS Wind, Seong-Gon Gim, have shared their comments on the company’s new global journey.

New top management team

Joseph Oh, new CEO

“With Bladt Industries' tradition of quality and decades of manufacturing experience combined with CS Wind’s global experience, our goal is to drive innovation, value creation, and global sustainability – as well as strengthening our products and solutions in the global market. I anticipate integrating our new colleagues into our global operations as we enhance production capabilities in Denmark, actively responding to the increasing global demand for sustainable energy solutions. Together, we'll ensure Bladt's offerings become even more sought-after globally.”

New top management team

Henrik Olesen, co-CEO

I am delighted to join Bladt and CS Wind at this exciting and pivotal moment. With the acquisition finalized, we can now focus on integration and shaping a dynamic global team. I look forward to contributing to delivering top-tier products and ensuring timely deliveries for our customers. In the upcoming months, we will intensify our recruitment efforts for our key production sites in Denmark, Lindø and Aalborg, offering compelling job opportunities for skilled professionals to be a part of our innovative journey.

Our new owners

Seong-Gon Gim, Chairman of CS Wind

“Welcoming Bladt's expertise, valuable production traditions, and workforce in our family, our united goal extends beyond achieving ambitious growth. It's about strengthening our global presence, which includes integrating Bladt’s expertise into the CS Wind family and leveraging our worldwide supply chain and production capabilities. Our vision is to strengthen and elevate the global appeal of our products and accelerate the green transition. Integrating Bladt into CS Wind's international “value and supply chain” will enhance efficiency, delivering increased value to customers, investors, and partners. This will further drive our global expansion, boost sales, and enhance value creation as we optimize our production facilities.”


Read more about the new top management team including CV’s in the press release

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