Bladt Industries

About Bladt Industries

We are committed to supporting a green future. And specialise in manufacturing complex large-scale steel structures, including foundations and substations, to the offshore wind industry globally.

About Bladt Industries

Based on our extensive track record, industry-leading production facilities and not least our highly competent workforce, we are the foundation for the green energy transition offshore.

Our purpose is to support a green future, with a vision to be the market leader within offshore foundations and substations.

The deployment of offshore wind is expected to increase significantly over the coming years with forecasts indicating up to a 6-fold increase by 2030. Both in Europe and in the US, the market continues to expand as governments set ambitious targets for renewable energy, including offshore wind, minimising their dependence on fossil fuels.

Moving towards XXL and mega monopiles

As the market grows, so does the need for even bigger wind turbines up to 15 and even 20 MW, which in turn require even bigger foundations, moving towards XXL and mega monopiles with a diameter of more than 11 metres.

With our extensive experience and track record, Bladt Industries is uniquely positioned to support this transition of the world's energy supply. We are a pureplay renewable energy company focusing solely on offshore wind, we have one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry and we are investing in our production facilities to ensure they are future-proof, enabling us to deliver the foundations of the future.

We operate on a proactive “go-to-market” business model that is based on close, constructive, and solution-oriented cooperation with our customers in order to cater for specific needs and requirements. With this in mind we aim to be a commercial partner for our clients with close interaction from the early tendering/pre-process stage until delivery of the final product.

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The history of Bladt Industries

Pushing the boundaries

Through the decades, many have repeatedly belived that we would reach our limit, but we have been determined to repeatedly prove them wrong. We want to push the boundaries. We want to make change. We want to be the change. We will always go that extra mile for our clients and for the development of Bladt Industries.

From the first project in 2002, where we manufactured 10 foundations for Samsø Wind in Denmark, the market has taken tremendous steps toward a brighter future.