Meet Mads Ejlertsen

For Mads Ejlertsen it is an advantage to have had a student job that is relevant to his future. Learn how Mads made his way into a permanent position.

Mads Ejlertsen replaced colleague Lise Beer Østergaard as a student worker when she completed her studies and was offered a permanent job at Bladt.

The two work closely together, and as a student worker Mads has contributed to a multitude of tasks in Controlling and Finance Business Partnering.

For Mads, it was an advantage to have had a student job that is relevant to his future:

“At school, it's theory on top of theory, you don't get it under your skin in the same way when you write a project as when you sit down with your own assignments.”

Mads Ejlertsen

Many would like to have a relevant student job, and there is great demand for student jobs.

Having worked a student job at Bladt for years, Mads secured a permanent position at Bladt already months before graduating with a Master's degree in Management Accounting and Control in the summer of 2023.

“The reason I got a student job was to enter the business world already during my studies. The good thing about Bladt is that you have the flexibility to plan your time.”

Mads Ejlertsen

“It gives you the motivation to give it your best that there is the possibility of permanent employment. I could see from Lise that it had been done before. It gave me peace of mind about my studies that I was offered a permanent job. Because, if it there hadn't been an opportunity out here, I would have had to look elsewhere while I was studying.”

Mads Ejlertsen

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