Meet Steffie Pedersen

Steffie Pedersen works with training and instruction of colleagues, and is happy about the opportunities that were offered to her already early in her working life at Bladt.

Steffie is a helping hand in production when the colleagues have obtained the right certificates to be part of the production. She steps in where it is necessary to have an extra focus on training.

“For me, it's about having confidence that I have explained the various buttons in the robot well enough. My role is to stand on the sidelines and make sure the job is done the right way."”

Steffie Pedersen

With a 4-year blacksmith training, Steffie was employed as a tower welder at Bladt. Just one year after her employment, Steffie was offered a new role that involves training and instructing new welders.

"I hadn't even considered to develop myself further. But a potential was seen in me and what I can do. I have become better at acknowledging to myself that I am actually quite good at my job."

A working day for Steffie can offer everything from morning briefings and responsibility for correct welding temperature over the day's tasks, to participation in meetings and job fairs (image: Steffie with colleague Tine Mathiesen Hagen). 

"When I was asked if I wanted to help show a good image to the outside at the job fair, I took it as a nice pat on the back. I look forward to coming to work every day, and as a workplace, Bladt Industries is great to come to every morning.”

According to Steffie, women can become really skilled welders because they often have a lot of finesse and are detail-oriented. In Steffie's view, 'One Bladt' not only means that there is room for many different people, but also room for feedback and sparring, and to be creative:

“If you come up with a good idea, and Bladt can see something reasonable in it, it will be acknowledged, and we work to get it implemented. Some of the things I have suggested have become part of the plan for what should happen going forward.”

Steffie Pedersen

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