Meet Aia Malling Buur

For Aia, a job in the Danish Defence was not quite compatible with being a new family. She decided to do a 360 career change, and is now training to become an IT Supporter - and maybe even an ethical hacker in time.

An IT Supporter apprenticeship with Bladt Industries provides Aia with a job where she gets to use her trouble-shooting skills -  and she no longer has to cross national borders for work. Although she does get to support colleagues of different nationalities.

But how did Aia in fact venture into IT? This is how she explains it:

“You should have some kind of an interest in computers when working in IT. I have always had old computers that I've been messing around with, and I've been a bit all over the place with those computers. Working hours were not optimal in the military, when it comes to having children. One evening, I was playing on the computer, and I was in the middle of adjusting some settings, when my husband asked me to maybe consider a job in IT. The idea was not that far-fetched.”

Aia Malling Buur

Aia comes from a family that she describes as being quite equal. So, at the age of 18, she made the decision to do her military service. Aia fell in love with the routines and everything surrounding a job in the military, and she later became a Sergeant First Class, and worked for years abroad, on and off.

Little did she know that she would work in IT further down the road. Like her father. 

“I enjoy dealing with people - and problem-solving is also one of my strengths. I really enjoy exit games, where you have to figure out how to get out of a situation. It has helped me a little that I have an interest in finding solutions to problems - both in the real word, and virtually.”

Aia Malling Buur

Among other things, Aia works on the IT Helpdesk. Quite a different work day than that in the field. But she enjoys the many challenges that come in on a daily basis:

“It's great when people come up with those slightly strange tasks that aren't quite easy to wrap your head around. Then I think: how did you do this? I love finding solutions, sit and read on the internet, and use Google as the search engine that it really is.”

Aia Malling Buur

“I also find it exciting when these fishing emails come in, and people write: This is a strange email, would you like to look at it? I use the challenges I encounter during my work day to note what we need to pay attention to in the future, for example in our IT intros to new colleagues.”

Aia Malling Buur

Although Aia's 360 and starting on a new education has been somewhat challenging, Aia has no doubt that IT is the place to be for her, and she could see herself continuing along this path:

"I could dream of further training to become e.g. an ethical hacker, where you learn about IT security and all the risks associated with IT - but also about how to better protect your company."

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